Next Up In the Studio:

Put on your pioneer hats and JOIN US on July 30th and 31st for the comedy musical, based on the game, based on the real life trail. We are happy to present StarKid Productions' "Trail To Oregon" (Music and Lyrics by Jeff Blim, Book by Nick Lang, Matt Lang, Brian Holden & Jeff Blim, Arranged by Clark Baxtresset & Pierce Siebers). 

In compliance with COVID-19 protocols we will be hosting this show in our virtual theater. Tickets are on-sale now! Please press the below "BUY TICKETS" button to review and purchase your show tickets!

Please note that this show is not recommended for children under the age of 18, parental discretion is advised.

The "RemREc" Blog

Get Ready Pioneers! 

Get ready to set off on the Trail to Oregon with us on this low-stakes, hilarious, comedic adventure! Join us July 30th and 31st to take a trip down the trail with our crazy cast of characters. Tickets are available now via the "Buy Tickets" link above!

Let's Play: Improv Against Normality 

Join us Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm for new episodes of our favorite game "Improv Against Normality". It comes with it's own cheesy laugh track, but we're sure you'll make your own at home. With all of these hysterical shenanigans, what's not to love?!

Hang out every Wednesday night to laugh along. #GameNight


I would like...if I may.... 

We're officially starting in-house rehearsals for Rocky Horror. Staying safe and healthy with our masks and cast/crew limitations in place. Join us on October 31st for the stream of the performance.


Coming Up Next... 

We've got Tablature booked in-house this Sunday for our next studio show.

But for now, check out a clip from Matthew Miskin's time spent in the studio last weekend: